About OSA

The OSA Program is a scholarship and student retention initiative targeting academically talented students from underserved backgrounds. All UNT students are welcomed and encouraged to apply. 

Program Overview

The OSA Program recruits and encourages students by providing financial assistance, academic support, and student development support needed for success while at the university.

  • Recipients must complete 20 hours of community service per long semester, actively participate in UNT events, and participate in a UNT peer mentoring program.
  • Undergraduate categories will receive $1,000 each long semester (Fall/Spring) for the life of their award

There are two OSA categories for undergraduate scholars:

  • Incoming First Time in College (FTIC): A first-time freshman admitted to UNT for the fall term immediately following high school graduation. The FTIC award is renewable for up to four years.  
  • Incoming Transfer Students: Must be a direct transfer from a community college. The Transfer Award is renewable for up to two years.

Requirements for Applicants

  • The OSA application is located on the UNT General Scholarship Application. Search Outreach and choose the appropriate category.
  • All undergraduate students must have a minimum of a 3.0 GPA
  • The application will require you to list past community service examples and submit a 500-word essay discussing your education journey. More information will be found on the application.

Requirements for Current Scholars

  • All current undergraduate scholars must maintain a 3.0 GPA
  • All current graduate scholars must maintain a 3.5 GPA
  • Each OSA Scholar must complete 20 hours of volunteer service per long semester (fall and spring)
  • Scholars must also complete required reflection of service each semester
  • A beginning-of-year orientation will occur annually
  • Students who received the OSA Award (previously the MSA Award) prior to the 2022-2023 Academic Year will maintain their current funding.
    • $500 per semester for undergraduate
    • $750 per semester for undergraduate

Contact Information