Thank you for reaching out to the University of North Texas G-Force Mentorship Program! Our office is currently transitioning but we are here to help and support to the best of our ability.

If you wish to request services from G-Force, please email

G-Force Mentorship

G-Force Mentors help high school and college students with navigating the higher education system. Attending college is a stressful process, and G-Force Mentors are trained to remove as many barriers as possible so students may achieve their goals. Primary services offered by the G-Force Mentors area assistance with completing college admissions applications, financial aid applications, providing insight on different forms of higher education, and whatever other services students and their families need.

How to Join G-Force

Visit UNT Handshake and search for our G-Force Mentorship Programs in Denton, the Consulate of Mexico at Dallas, and Frisco! 

The UNT G-Force Program is an initiative sponsored through the Texas Work-Study Mentorship Program. G-Force is a critical part of the Office of Outreach and our ability to help students access higher education through advising, tutoring, and mentoring. The UNT G-Force program offers various services to assist students with navigating the college exploration process and excelling academically.

G-Force offers mentor and tutoring services for high school and college students. Parents and educational partners also may utilize services through the G-Force program. Currently, UNT G-Force collaborates with local school districts in the North Texas Region through site GO Centers housed on high school campuses. 

The THECB defines GO Centers as resources for creating a school-wide college-going culture and promoting higher education opportunities. G-Force also assists college students at UNT and with our community college partners in the DFW area.