Learn More, Earn More

A college education is the key to accessing a wider range of job and earning opportunities. College graduates tend to earn more money than their peers who did not complete a higher education.

If you’re not sure what you want to study, that’s okay! While attending college, you can explore a variety of interests through majors, clubs and activities that will help you find the career that’s right for you.

You might even discover a whole new career path you never knew existed.

Do you like video games? Maybe a Certificate in Game Programming is for you.

Maybe you love movies. A major in Media Arts sounds perfect for you.

Perhaps you really enjoy reading comic books or graphic novels. A double major in Creative Writing and Graphic Design could be just what you need to be the next Stan Lee.

If you can dream it, there’s probably a major for it!

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U.S. Mean Annual Earnings by Education Level

No High School Diploma
High School Diploma
Bachelor’s Degree
Advanced Degree

Source: US Bureau of Labor Statistics, Education Pays, issued 2023