G-Force is a registered student organization at the University of North Texas with defined roles established by the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board (THECB) as part of the 60x30TX plan. The THECB developed the Collegiate G-Force Work-Study Mentorship Program after the passage of SB 1050 by the 80th Texas Legislature. Several institutions across the state of Texas participate in the G-Force Program. Over the years, the UNT G-Force Mentors have developed a stellar reputation throughout the Dallas/Fort Worth Area. 

The primary function of the UNT G-Force Mentors is to assist with local GO Centers. GO Centers are locations designed to create a college-going culture by equipping individuals with resources that promote awareness of higher education. UNT G-Force Mentors develop and supervise GO Centers in 24 high schools in partnership with K-12 sponsors around the North Texas Region. G-Force mentors travel weekly these high schools in order to provide college enrollment guidance, academic tutoring, and peer mentoring. College aged students are also assisted through the UNT G-Force Program. G-Force mentors support both students on the UNT Campus and other colleges. 

In 2018, UNT initiated a G-Force Tutoring Program in Denton ISD. The G-Force Tutors assist students who are at risk of not passing math and science courses in high school.

Mentors also provide in depth presentations for high school students and families through workshops in the surrounding DFW area. Presentations vary from general information about college enrollment (College 101), financial aid and scholarships, applying to college, housing, and even general information on how to succeed in college from the perspective of a current UNT student.  Through individual mentoring and informative presentations, UNT G-Force is doing its part to contribute to the Texas 60x30 initiative. 



Gwendolyn Moore

Assistant Director/G-Force Advisor

Email: Gwendolyn.moore@unt.edu or gforce@unt.edu

Phone: (940) 369-8290

Office: Eagle Student Services Center 136