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Started in 2003-2004, Outreach has witnessed an increasing demand from area school districts for college awareness information and materials about UNT’s academic programs and majors and we provide support to 40 school districts annually. Last year, our programs directly impacted 17,500 students (and parents). 

Outreach builds college knowledge for young students and parents and creates a college-going culture to encourage education past high school.  It is truly great to see so many young people learning about college planning, access, and enrollment!

Multicultural Scholastic Award Program 

About the MSA Program

The Multicultural Scholastic Award Program (MSA) is a scholarship and student retention initiative targeting academically talented students from diverse backgrounds. All students are encouraged to apply. The MSA Program offers scholarships for incoming freshmen, current UNT students, incoming transfer students, masters and doctoral students. Scholarships range from $1,000 per year for undergraduate students to $1500 per year for graduate students (see below for details). UNT's The Office of Outreach has administered this program since 1996 and supports over 130 students annually.

Outreach Vision Statement

To play a leading role in providing opportunities for students from traditionally underrepresented groups in the North Texas region to attend college.